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get EV training and Smeargle move service
Rent battle ready PvP, shiny & story Pokemon

hey guys,
I'm a passionate Pokémon breeder and love to breed my favourite Pokémon – now I offer my treasures for rent.

on these page you will find a list of Pokémon that you can borrow for a small fee.

the list will be extended by and by because I'm continuously breeding. so feel free to check it from time to time.

in addition to the rents I offer EV training and Smeargle attack teacher service.
details can be found below.

just DM me or write me via one of my servers (see »Get in Touch«).  

Sitemap / Overview

Rent List Overview:
Get in Touch:


newly added Pokémon.

OU Greninja Uber/OU Tyranitar Shiny UU Togekiss

Note: the link only works if the corresponding category is expanded (e.g. Battle Ready Pokémon).


Search & Find a Pokémon

I've tried to sort the pokémon by national index. it may be that I make a mistake once.

if you are looking for a Pokémon, just expand the corresponding list, scroll through to its Nationaldex position or use the search function of your browser.

all Pokémon have my OT or those of a friend, Sir Iboz. except for Pidgeot Shiny which I got as a gift from a friend.

Tier Classification

the tiers are oriented to the Smogon Gen.7 Strategy Pokédex, not Myuu.
depending on the moveset, the tiers of a Pokémon can vary.

besides official tiers there are often my own movesets that do not have an official rating according to Smogon. depending on their movesets usually I rated it "Untiered" or "NU".

take a look to the official Myuu tier banlist if you want to know which Pokémon which is allowed or not.

Final Remarks

the Pokémon are offered without item.
the depicted items are only a suggestion of how the Pokémon could be played; no default. if you also want to have the item, the item buy price will be added. one time – not per hour.

  • I will rent you a max of 5 Pokémon at once.
  • 3 days  = 072 hours.
  • 1 week = 168 hours.
  • nicknames & levels may differ from the Pokémon card. but I try to update the graphics in time.


EV Training Service

you need targeted EV training for your pokémon?
complex EV splits for Lv.5, Lv.50 or Lv.100?

no problem! tell me what you want and I'll do it for you.


  • 1000 PKC
    fast training (252 Spe + e.g. 252 and 4 somewhere else).
  • 1500 PKC
    more demanding training without flying (e.g. HP 6 + DEF 252 + SpD 252).
  • 2500 PKC
    complex EV splits (e.g. HP 248 + ATK 46 + DEF 148 + Spe 36).

→ Price, Berries & Flying:

sometimes I need a bit more time for the training because I try to keep the price low.

I only need berries when I find a Shiny that gives the wrong EV or make a mistake which so far is pretty rare – but unfortunately not impossible.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

in any case I take over the costs should a mistake happen to me.

Smeargle Move Tutor

I teach your Smeargle every move.
for all four moves there is a small discount.

any attack that a Route Pokémon can learn is possible. I do not teach attacks of legendary, mystic or Ultra Beats Pokémon.


  • 0500 PKC per single move.
  • 1500 PKC all four moves.

Shiny PvP-Pokémon

not perfect but damn awsome.


  • 01000 PKC / hour
  • 07000 PKC / 1 day
  • 25000 PKC / 3 days

#0248 Tyranitar

Tier: Uber / OU
all-out attacker.
Items: Tyranitarite / Choice Band / Assault Vest / Lum Berry

Battle Ready PvP Pokémon

these Pokémon are all bred from p5x31 or p4x31 / p3x31 for slow / Trick Room.

I try to give a short description to each Pokémon - but usually the pictures say more than my words.
you will find some of my uncommon self creations, too, which are mostly Untiered/NU listed because there don't have official tiers in Smogon.

if you have rent wishes for Pokémon I haven't bred yet just DM me or write me via one of my servers (see »Get in Touch«).  


  • 0500 PKC / hour
  • 2500 PKC / 1 day
  • 7500 PKC / 3 days

Expand Pokémon List  ☆


#0025 Pikachu

Tier: NFE
Who's that Pokémon?
Items: Light Ball / Focus Sash / Choice Scarf / Choice Specs

Tier: NFE
the Cocainkachu line..
Item: Light Ball / Focus Sash

Tier: Untiered
just an egg move Mimikyu Iyazo. em.. I mean Pikachu.

#0026 Raichu

Tier: PU
Nasty Plot Raichu. instead of Grass Knot I chosed Surf so it will hit more Pokemon especially with less weight.
Items: Focus Sash / Life Orb / Z-Crystal

Tier: Untiered
this is an default choice item Raichu.
Items: Choice Specs / Choice Scarf / Life Orb

Tier: Untiered
with Fake Out, Charm, Electro Web, Volt Switch & Lightnig Rod as ability this full Raichu is may support your sweeper.
Items: Focus Sash / Shuca Berry / Sitrus Berry

Tier: Untiered
same as the Raichu above but Static for 30% paralyzing the opponent and Surf for hitting ground & rock type Pokémon.
Items: Focus Sash / Shuca Berry / Sitrus Berry

Tier: Untiered
these and the following 2fast4you Raichus are the grown up versions of Cocainkachu-Pikachu's.
Items: Life Orb / Focus Sash.

#0035 Clefairy

Tier: LC
full healer.
Item: Eviolite

Tier: Metronom Battle / LC
typical Metronom battle
Item: Eviolite

Tier: Metronom Battle / LC
annoying Metronom battle (fun Clefairy – not perfectly bred)
Item: Eviolite

#0036 Clefable

Tier: OU
Stealth Rock & Knock Off support.
Items: Flame Orb / Leftovers

Tier: Untiered
full healer.
Items: Leftovers / Flame Orb

#0047 Parasect

Tier: Untiered
only for crazy trainers. recommended for Rain Dance and/or Trick Room teams.
Items: Leftovers / Coba Berry / Occa Berry / Sitrus Berry

#0052 Meowth

Tier: Untiered / LC
Knock Off support & Retiliate revenge.
Items: Muscle Band / Life Orb / Sitrus Berry

Tier: Untiered / LC
physical Technican user.
Items: Muscle Band / Life Orb / Sitrus Berry

#0053 Persian

Tier: Untiered
Giovanni's dirrrty little helper.  :3
Knock Off support & Retiliate revenge.
Item: Muscle Band

Tier: Untiered
crithit kitty cat.
Item: Razor Claw

#0073 Tentacruel

Tier: UU
Item: Assault Vest

#0080 Slowbro

Tier: RU
Trick Room setter.
Items: Leftovers / Colbur Berry

Tier: RU
Item: Assault Vest

#0094 Gengar

Tier: Uber
Mega Gengar
offensive trapper.

#0113 Chansey

Tier: OU
Toxic & Stealth Rock
Item: Eviolite / Shed Shell / Leftovers

#0115 Kangaskhan

Tier: Uber
Mega Kangaskhan
utility attacker.

Tier: PU
all-out attacker.
Items: Silk Scarf / Life Orb

#132 Ditto

Tier: all tiers
The Imposter – (EV will be changed to DEF in the future)
Item: Choice Scarf

#0134 Vaporeon

Tier: NU
defensive healer.
Items: Leftovers

Tier: Untiered
Items: Leftovers / Damp Rock


#0197 Umbreon

Tier: RU / UU
Items: Leftovers / Rocky Helmet

#0215 Sneasel

Tier: NU / RU
Items: Choice Band / Life Orb

#0227 Skarmory

Tier: Uber / OU
Items: Rocky Helmet / Shed Shell / Leftovers

#0248 Tyranitar

Tier: Uber
Items: Lum Berry

Tier: Uber
Items: Choice Band

Tier: OU
Items: Tyranitarite


#0250 Swampert

Tier: UU
defensive Yawn / Trick Room ready.
Items: Leftovers / Sitrus Berry / Rindo Berry

#0279 Pelipper

Tier: OU

Items: Damp Rock / Rocky Helmet / Leftovers / Wacan Berry

#0282 Gardevoir

Mega Gardevoir
Items: OU

Tier: RU
Items: Choice Specs / Choice Scarf

#0286 Breloom

Tier: Untiered
(not perfect)
Items: Toxic Orb


#0429 Mismagius

Tier: RU
Nasty Plot
Items: Ghostium Z / Electrium Z

Tier: NU
spin blocker.
Items: Electrium Z / Shell Bell / Leftovers

Tier: NU
bulky supporter.
Items: Colbur Berry / Leftovers

#0461 Weavile

Tier: OU / Monotype / 1vs1
all-out attacker.
Items: Choice Band / Life Orb / Darkinium Z / Icium Z

#0468 Togekiss

Tier: UU
Items: Leftovers / Babiri Berry / Rocky Helmet

Tier: UU
Nasty Plot
Items: Leftovers / Babiri Berry

Tier: UU
Items: Fightinium Z / Babiri Berry

Tier: UU
Items: Choice Scarf / Choice Lens

Tier: Untiered
Items: Leftovers / Babiri Berry / Shed Shell


#0530 Excadrill

Tier: AG / Uber / OU
spinner / suicide lead.
Items: Focus Sash / Leftovers / Life Orb

#0576 Gothitelle

Tier: AG / Uber
PP Gostalltelle.
Items: Leftovers

Tier: Untiered
all-out attacker.
Items: Shell Bell / Colbur Berry

#0579 Reuniclus

Tier: OU
Items: Rocky Helmet / Psychium Z / Life Orb / Leftovers

Tier: UU
Trick Room
Items: Life Orb / Leftovers / Rocky Helmet / Psychium Z

Tier: Untiered
all-out attacker.
Items: Assault Vest / Life Orb / Rocky Helmet / Psychium Z

#0598 Ferrothorn

Tier: AG
Items: Leftovers / Rocky Helmet / Shed Shell / Occa Berry

Tier: Uber
absolutely defensive.
Items: Leftovers / Rocky Helmet / Shed Shell / Occa Berry


#0654 Braixen

Tier: Untiered / NFE
own creation all-out attacker.
Items: Leftovers / Life Orb

#0655 Delphox

Tier: Untiered
Items: Choice Scarf / Choice Specs

#0658 Greninja

Tier: OU
physical. F6iv
Items: Groundium Z / Choice Scarf / Choice Band

Tier: OU
physical. 5iv
Items: Waterium Z / Focus Sash / Choice Scarf

Tier: Untiered / OU
special attacker.
Items: Focus Sash / Choice Scarf / Choice Specs

#0663 Talonflame

Tier: UU
Items: Leftovers / Charti Berry

Tier: NU

Items: Life Orb / Leftovers / Charti Berry


#0748 Toxapex

Tier: Uber
Items: Rocky Helmet / Shed Shell / Black Sludge

Tier: Monotype Water
Items: Black Sludge

#0775 Komala

Tier: PU
bulky spinner.
Items: Assault Vest

Tier: ZU
Items: Assault Vest

Tier: zu
Items: Choice Band / Assault Vest

#0778 Mimikyu

Tier: OU / Monotype Ghost
Swords Dance
Items: Life Orb / Ghostium Z

Route Shinys

since these shinies are randomly caught on the routes and have random IV, they are not assignable to any tier.

they are more suitable for fun Shiny flex than real PvP.^^


  • 0500 PKC / hour
  • 2500 PKC / 1 day
  • 7500 PKC / 3 days

Expand Pokémon List  ☆

#0018 Pidgeot Mega – Toxic

#0024 Arbok – Choice Band

#0040 Wigglytuff – Life Orb | Trick Room ready

#0103 Exeggutor – Trick Room

#0127 Pinsir – Swords Dance | Lum Berry / Mega

#0675 Pangoro – Choice Band

#0272 Ludicolo – Assault Vest

#0770 Palossand – Toxic

#0781 Dhelmise – Colbur Berry / Choice Band

Story Pokémon

here are a few Pokémon I prepared for the story game. even though IV & EV are completely random, you can easily get through the regions with a well chosen team.

I still level up all Pokemon who are not yet Lv.100 and will add a few Pokémon later. but train Battle Ready / PvP Pokémon have higher priority.


  • 0250 PKC / hour
  • 1500 PKC / 1 day
  • 2500 PKC / 3 days

Kanto Story

Johto Story

Hoenns Story

Sinnoh Story

Unova Story

Kalos Story

Alola Story

Totem task – Monotype: Poison

Get in Touch

you will find me at: